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The impact of multinational companies on developing countries

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Preface: Multinational corporations are the driving force of the global economic and political system due to their enormous material and human capabilities that extend to various countries of the world….

Global environmental policy

Global Environmental Policy

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Preface: The era of globalization has moved away from the urgent problems and issues that threaten political and social entities. As a result of his connection with man and his…


How Did the Pandemic Affect the World Agenda?

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The world’s agenda has changed completely with the announcement of pandemic.  On the announced days, various claims began to be made about the appearance of this virus.  Claims that COVID-19…

Construction Sector

Which Are the Countries Where the Construction Sector Is Alive?

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With technological advancements, the difference in time and space began to disappear. We are witnessing the ever-shrinking and under-controlled world being rebuilt with the human hand. The technological developments, globalization…