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Covid-19, which emerged at the beginning of 2020 and spread rapidly globally, is a major epidemic that threatens the world population. With Covid-19, a new era has begun in our lives. It was necessary to develop different applications in many areas from health to education. The pandemic has caused a global commercial change all over the world, as in our country.

With the pandemic, trade entered into an obscurity.  This obscurity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is due to travel restrictions, logistical obstacles, difficulty accessing raw materials, and cash shortages. All these negativities have profoundly affected Turkey by changing all the dynamics in the global trade volume.

In previous crises, abroad was always an alternative route. However, with the pandemic, the situation had to develop very differently. Retailers, which expanded their operations abroad, were perhaps the most affected by the effects of the pandemic.

The fact that everyone is locked at home is the new normal of today. It is observed that annual turnover targets such as medical, small household appliances, personal care and cleaning products will move upwards. Contrary to what is thought at this point, growth in the food sector is not foreseen. The main reason for this is explained as the situation created by the balance of indoor and outdoor consumption.

The textile and ready-made clothing industry has entered a major pause. Some sectors have also been observed to take a break from production.  A reduction in production may mean a decline in foreign trade. Although many companies sat on the table for export agreements on a global scale, they had to suspend these agreements due to the pandemic. At the point we have reached compared to the first periods of the pandemic, the suspended agreements have started to be reviewed gradually.

In the first measures taken during the pandemic process, it was decided to postpone the payments of companies to the public or banks. With the short-time working allowance, the focus was on relieving liabilities in short-term cash management. The effects of the pandemic on commercial life began to be felt differently in the medium term in the sectoral sense. An important fact that everyone sees is that commercial life continues and companies maintain their sustainability with new strategic decisions, strong operational and organizational structures at the point of continuation.