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The world’s agenda has changed completely with the announcement of pandemic.  On the announced days, various claims began to be made about the appearance of this virus.  Claims that COVID-19 is transmitted to humans from the wild animal flesh which is brought to public markets and slaughtered under unsanitary conditions have been strengthened day by day.

Furthermore, studies have been suggested that COVID-19 was produced in a laboratory environment to be used as a biological weapon. It is believed that in order to fully understand the cause of the emergence of COVID-19, it will be clarified as a result of studies conducted in many areas in the coming process.

It was impossible for the states involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic to adopt a uniform model. In this regard, each state has taken the necessary measures in an effort to develop its own model of struggle. It has become the priority of every state to determine a road map by learning from the bad examples and various negatives that have been experienced. The rapid progress of COVID-19 has required clarifying measures taken at the state level.


Faced with the threat of COVID-19, the world saw that there was no other way out but to look for ways to deal with its effects. In this context, various precautionary policies were emphasized from the start of the outbreak in Turkey. On 10 January 2020, 31 scientists were included in the Corona Virus Scientific Committee, which was created by the Turkish Ministry of Health to fight against COVID-19.

Although the COVID-19 crisis initially emerged as a global movement that threatened public health, it has created deep traces of the way of life in developed and developing countries, in political and economic patterns. In these years, trade struggles that moved and spread rapidly on the US and China axis and the breakages between the real economy and the financial sector have made trends extremely fragile. In fact, the world economy had a very different agenda for 2020.

It was considering 2020 as a long-term recovery period. However, the picture did not develop as expected at all. The pandemic, which came like a bombshell to the world agenda, broke out in March and changed all thoughts.  The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a total global lockdown, both economically and socially. Optimistic expectations gave their places to the frustrated scenarios.