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With technological advancements, the difference in time and space began to disappear. We are witnessing the ever-shrinking and under-controlled world being rebuilt with the human hand. The technological developments, globalization and construction industry are interconnected. The construction sector covers local, national, global relations. Due to its complex structure, it is not as easy as it seems to try to locate the Turkish construction sector in this structure.

Today we are in a different world created by human hands. People’s struggle with nature has started to emerge as a result of information hunger, personal curiosity, or by coincidence. After that, a process that can be managed consciously has been formed with the accumulation of knowledge, research and development efforts and teamwork. One of these processes is the construction industry.

The building of a infrastructure, which is a requirement for new technology, processes such as transportation routes, communication channels and building are all areas of interest in the construction industry.  The new world that has emerged with the disappearance of the time and space difference has also led to the need to organize the activities developing in the construction sector on a global scale. Cooperation between countries is not possible to maximize the possibilities of new technology without co-operation between firms.


With its growing economy, Africa is able to attract investors. Kenya is shown as the largest volume economic center in East Africa. Construction is undoubtedly the most important industry. It can be said that the country is almost being rebuilt.

Tanzania stands out as one of the most reliable and stable countries in Africa. It is impossible not to mention the decadal wars. Although half of the population is Muslim and half is Christian, there is no sign of religious conflicts. It appears to be one of the countries that came to life in the construction site.

Ivory Coast is considered to be a building with new and opportunities for Turkish contractors, while in the forefront of its products produced in the agricultural sector. Significant amounts of export have been made to this country in a quite short time.

Sudan is one of the countries that has peaked in trade with Turkey. Exports in the region have increased 13 times over the past five years. It is also one of the leading countries on the offensive in the field of construction.